Maternity Compression Pantyhose, 15-20 mmHg, Black (Truform 1777)

Category: Compression Wear Brand:Truform

$ 27.50
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  • 15-20 mmHg compression rating, "moderate" medical support for pregnancy
  • Closed Toe
  • Expandable waistband with lightweight ventilated cotton panel for 2nd and 3rd trimesters
  • Defined heal pocket ensures proper fit and added comfort
  • Flat reinforced panty seams provide inconspicuous fit
  • Knit with: 88% nylon / 20% spandex
  • 5 intervals of therapeutic graduated compression
  • Doctor-recommended to help relieve tired, heavy, and aching legs. Aids in the treatment of spider veins, varicose veins, and swelling of the leg and feet
  • Ideal when sitting or standing for long periods of time
  • Made in the USA by Truform (model 1777)

Truform 1777 (from the Truform "Lites" series) emulate the look of fine sheer hosiery, with the added health benefits of compression technology. Used to revitalize legs and reduce minor symptoms of leg discomfort associated with pregnancy, they provide long-lasting medical-grade support. Superior knit construction uses a breathable weave creating a sheer look and soft feel.

An alternative to Jobst, Rejuva, Sigvaris, Therafirm, and Medivan - Truform offers the best value, durability and comfort. Please remember to check your size as all brands vary in fit.

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